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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Spring Flowers

Isn't it amazing how the sight of flowers can lighten up our day?

It's been raining for days and so, what I thought would be gloriously sunny days tending to the garden turned out to be wet, cold and shiverry.

Anyway, we woke up to gloomy skies again this morning. Apparently, it rained the whole night, so everything in the garden looked drenched and wet. I ventured out into the garden to at least check for our newly-planted pechay baguio as I was worried that snails were having a feast on them during the dark cold nights. However, on my way to that little corner of our garden, I was greeted by these lovely apple blossoms seemingly enjoying the drench. Even the tulips that were dripping wet seemed to rejoice in the early morning drizzle. How beautiful they were, with the raindrops still dripping all over them. That lifted me up big time! A smile crossed my lips and forgot about my disappointment over the wet and overcast day. I ran back up and inside the house to get the camera and take photos! I hope these photos would bring smiles on your faces too!


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