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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Adult Learners' Tutor Training

Thank God, those wet, chilly and sometimes foggy travels during weekends to and from Masterton and Featherston were done with! We have finished the Adult Learners' Tutor Training Course. There were sixteen of us at the start of the course. Unfortunately, four had to drop the course after a few sessions. The course was conducted alternately at the Wairarapa Community Center in Masterton and the Featherston Community Center.

Finishing the training was not the last hurdle of the course. Next, the South Wairarapa Adult Learners' Association (the organization that supported us in this course) would assign student/s for us to teach and 20 hours of that would be supervised tutoring. Whoaa! Quite scary, really. The Coordinator warned us though, that it may take a year for us to satisfactorily accomplish the Adult Literacy Tutor Training Manual before that coveted National Certificate would be handed to us. That is if we pass the criteria.

Oh well, one step at a time and we'll definitely get there. A huge thanks to our very good trainor named Dara who flew in from Auckland during weekends for this course; to Coordinators Sittala and Natalie who kept us warm and well-fed during the training; to our classmate Angela who generously took me into her car whenever I needed a ride and to all members of the class who made learning easier!

These photos were taken during the last day of the training course.


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