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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lemon grass soup

"Guisang Sale Manok", is one of the family's favorite soups. It is chicken sauteed in lemon grass (Related to citronella, lemon grass is a bulbous, greyish green tropical grass with a delicate, lemony essence. Its taste is refreshing and light, with a hint of ginger), and pieces of freshly picked corn on the cob added to it. The corn adds a hint of sweetness to the lemony flavored soup. When the corn was ready in summer and the family was gathered for the Sunday lunch, this soup-dish would almost always be present on our dining table. However, it is important that the chicken used for this soup is a free-range (we call them native chicken) one as the poultry-raised chicken is too watery and not as tasty.

But a native chicken would sound a tall order for me. I was lucky enough to have bought the lemon grass last week, and I have to make do with what is available--like the frozen sweet corn on the cob, instead of the freshly-picked white corn.

So with my ready chicken soup stock and slivered chicken meat, the lemon grass was sauteed in a little oil, then soup stock was added. I allowed it to boil for a couple minutes before adding the sweet corn and the sliced carrot. And just before serving, sliced pechay baguio leaves were added to the soup.

It has been raining for two days now and the temperature has dropped to zero, so what could be more comforting than this hot chicken soup and steaming white rice for lunch. It was the first time David had a taste of the lemon grass soup, and am glad he too, enjoyed it. Too bad, I could not "jack up" my legs and hug my knees while eating. That would have completed the feel of dining ala probinsiyano.


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