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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Filifest 2006 A Celebration of Filipino Culture

Wellington, New Zealand--Filipinos in the Wellington region and the South Wairarapa area, gathered together at The Little Theatre in Lower Hutt, to celebrate the 2nd Filipino Festival (Filifest 2006) laat April 1, 2006.

Organized by the Wellington International Filipino Society (WIFS) headed by Ms Nilda Campbel, Ms Anita Mansell and Ms May Young, the annual event presented different regions of the Philippine islands, through songs and dances.

Choreographed by Ms Gina Reid, (adapting the choreography of Dr Paz Cielo Angeles-Belmonte), the Filifest showcased young Filipino New Zealanders’ talents in singing and dancing..

Highlights of the evening were dances from various Philippine regions, grouped into four: the Igorot Suite (Kayabang, Pinanyuan, Sayap and Bumayah); the Maria Clara Suite (Scarf Dance and Estudyantina); the Muslim Suite (Silong sa Ganding and Asik); and the Rural Suite (Subli, Binasuan, Sayaw sa Bangko, Sakuting, Maglalatik, Itik-itik, and Tinikling).

Awed at seeing such amazing talents in the young performers, the Honorable Luamanuvao Winnie Laban, Minister for the Community and Volunteer Sector of New Zealand, advised the New Zealand Filipinos, especially the younger generation to “…hold on to your culture, learn your language and your dances…”

Equally impressive was Master of Ceremony, Bless Sutherland from Christchurch, who delighted the audience with her hosting savvy and trivia about the history of each song and dance presented.

Well-applauded number was the “Binasuhan sa Bangko”, a combination of “Sayaw Sa Bangko”, a dance native to the the barrio of Pangapisan, Lingayen, Pangasinan, which demands skills from its performers who must dance on top of a bench roughly six inches wide, and “Binasuan”, a colorful and lively dance from Bayambang, Pangasinan, which shows off the balancing skills of the dancers gracefully maneuvering glasses half-filled with rice wine.


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